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Jet James Artist

Print and Sip with Jet James June 8th of June 5pm - 630pm

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In the upcoming 'Print and Sip' workshop, we will be exploring the technique of collagraph, which falls under the umbrella of printmaking. The workshop will involve combining etching, lino carving, collage and mixed media on a PVC printing plate. Participants will create a plate and print using an intaglio process, which involves rubbing ink into the printing plate, polishing it back, and transferring it onto paper using a printing press. This experimental workshop aims to create unique, individual artworks. All levels of experience are welcome, and experienced artists will also gain insights to further their understanding of the collagraph process.

 Jet James, who is a talented and successful professional artist, and the founder of Jet James Art Gallery in Yeppoon, will be facilitating the workshop. Jet is a master printmaker with numerous accolades for his printmaking techniques. He has been conducting art workshops and classes for people of all ages and abilities for over 17 years. We look forward to exploring the world of PVC printmaking with Jet's expertise and the talent of CQ.

This is a BYO Event 


If you have purchased a ticket to this event and would like to cancel, 2 days notice will need to provided to qualify for a refund, please email to cancel