Dry Point Etchings & Nature Art Etchings

Dry Point Etchings & Nature Art Etchings



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This is an example of my award winning drypoint etchings that I've been creating since 2006. Its a unique process in Printmaking utilising dry point etching techniques with a PVC board as my template.

Since exploring this style of work my artwork has been collected in public art collections across Australia and I’ve been recognised in many prestigious awards from the age of 20. My unique printmaking has also allowed me to travel across Australia and overseas exhibiting and sharing my passion for printmaking.

I’ve worked with companies in USA, Germany, Australia & New Zealand where my artwork has been commissioned for public arts projects,  transformed onto wallpaper , glass and wall mesh for breweries and hotels across Germany. I’ve also worked with RockFlowerPaper where my artwork was commercialised on tea trays & coasters reaching over 5000 outlets across the USA.


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From my art gallery in Yeppoon not only do I handprint my etchings I also offer large scale museum quality prints at affordable prices. 



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Explore my Cushion Cover Range shipped from my art gallery in Yeppoon , Australia.







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I love the dragonfly etchings

Kathy Barakat

I am an elementary art teacher.I would love to teach this technique to my students. (or some version of it) Can you recommend any resources so I can play over the summer?


Very talented young man!

Bonnie S Nelson

Amazing work! Cheers from Southern NM, USA


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