The Story of 'Storm Man'

The Story of 'Storm Man'


The story of 'Storm Man' begins with a portrait of David Gulpilil.  I thought he was a fitting subject as a portrait as it became aware to me of his deteriorating health to one of Australia's most  iconic indigenous Australian actors.



As a child I watched the movie 'storm boy'  and fell in love with the Australian adventure, I watched it several times!  The work that I have created is loosely based on him and it’s done in a way to celebrate his spirit.

The work is  created  on plywood with charcoals, acrylic paints, spray paints graphite,  I also sanded and etched the wood surface.

 For me the work embodies his strength & wisdom , with a subtle connection back to country. This is done in a way, where the portrait and the background merge together within the picture plane.

 The original of this sold before completion after a customer saw it in my Yeppoon Gallery .  I then proceeded to put it onto social media and I was blown away about how many resonated with the work.  It wasn't something I expected. It's so humbling to know it reached so many people across the world, but even more special to know that a print found a home amongst the Gulpili family. 



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