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Jet James Artist

Kids Sand-Free Waffle Towel Hoodie - Turtles

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Keep your kids dry, sand-free and looking cool this summer as they play by the seaside. This super soft towel hoodie is a must-have for any youngster who loves to swim! These kids sand-free towels feature a hood, so your little ones can wear their hood up for extra warmth, or pull up for sun protection. Made from a microfibre polyester just like our Sand-Free Towel range so it repels sand, absorbs water normally and is quick-drying.

Now Available in the Jet James Turtle Design 


63 cm in length (not including hoodie) by 63cm in width

Artwork on both front and back

Designs on the inside and out 

Quality stitching with an elastic band for easy roll-up

Sleeveless: has Two side clips to secure the hoodie under the little one's arms

Comes with a zip-up pouch 


88% Polyester microfibre
12% Nylon